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“Feeling the Connection to Country” – Scott King to Host Fishing and Cultural Outings

By Troy Brown

Interested in cultural outings and fishing days?

Beginning in May, GEGAC is hosting fishing days and cultural outings.

These events will include things such as all types of fishing, walking on country, yarns and a feed.

Our Quaranook Community Engagement Worker Scott King will be hosting these events.

Scott will also be doing some of these days with people that have high cultural knowledge on the land, and also on fishing.

For more information or to put your name down for a trip, call or text Scott on 0499 834 694.

Now you may be wondering, why is this happening?

It all comes back down to the roots of who we are as Indigenous peoples.

For generations we have survived living in this beautiful country we call home.

We have taken care of this land for thousands of years.

And to care for something is to connect with it.

Scott is dedicated to bringing that back into our lives as the first nations peoples of this land.

“It’s about getting back to your roots and feeling the connection to country,” Scott says.

He believes this is so important.

“Most times we can get distracted by phones and technology, and so this is what this program is about – bringing culture back.”

Scott goes heavily into the depths of connection.

The health of the land and water is central to our culture.

And through the connection of language and stories connected to the land, we are embedded in the very heart of the waterways and country that surrounds us.

We are simply one with the land just as the land is one with us.

Scott says “Every time I go to Cape Conran, I get tingles in my feet when I take my shoes off.”

This is why going for cultural outings and walks is important. The very dirt we walk on makes us feel alive.

It is noted that there will lunch supplied at all these events, as well as fishing gear.

You have to be 18+ in order to come along, and events are open for both men and women.

Scott can do pickups and drop offs, but you must call ahead to arrange.

Please be aware that at the moment numbers are limited, due to the program being so new and in its early days.

So, if you would like to know more about what this program is and how to book, please call or text Scott on 0499 834 694.

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  1. Hey Jason – thanks for getting in touch. To get involved with the fishing trips and on-country excursions, call or text Scott King on 0499 834 694.
    Thanks mate.

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