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“It’s Not About You” – Getting Your Winter Shots Protects Vulnerable Elders and Boorai

It’s not just about you.

Protecting yourself against things like the flu, and COVID, is not just about your own health.

It’s about the health of the most vulnerable people in your family – your Elders and Boorai.

Did you know that babies under the age of 2 are at a much higher risk of being hospitalised or even dying because of complications from the flu?

And, of the 17,276 people to have died from COVID in Australia since 2020, 15,319 of them were over the age of 70?

That’s 88%.

Think COVID is finished? More than 4,500 Australians died of COVID last year. And 4,152 of them were over the age of 70.

Unfortunately, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have an even higher risk of serious illness or death from the flu or COVID.

And if those older Indigenous people also have a pre-existing illness, then flu and COVID are even deadlier for them (and not “deadly” in a good way.)

Linda Pearce and Leteisha Bryant are two members of GEGAC’s Aboriginal Health Team, and they are worried that the spike we are seeing in sickness at the moment is because mob have stopped being concerned about flu and COVID.

“Our message to community is that if protecting your family is important to you – particularly your Elders and your Boorai, then you should be getting your flu and COVID shots,” says Linda Pearce.

“We always hear from people ‘ah, I don’t care about getting crook. It isn’t going to kill me.’ Well, it isn’t about you. It’s about the little ones, and the older people in our community. They can get very sick and even die from these viruses.”

“By getting your shots you help stop the viruses spreading through community – you are protecting your mob.”

Leteisha Bryant says she hopes more mob will prioritise the strength and health of their community and book in to get their flu and COVID shots.

“This is about our community,” she says. “This is about our families, and protecting those people we love whose immune systems cannot protect them against serious illness or death.”

We all know there are many older people with existing health conditions in our community.

These are the people most at risk of serious complications from flu or COVID.

If you are young or middle-aged, and pretty healthy, your responsibility is to help protect our Elders and Boorai by getting vaccinated against flu and COVID and reducing how much it spreads in community.

All you have to do is contact a member of our Aboriginal Health Team by calling 5150 0760, and they’ll get it sorted for you.

Call 5150 0760 today and make your appointment.

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