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“You Have to Care For People” – Bec Herbert Grows Her Career in Family Services

Congratulations to our own Rebecca Herbert, who this month completed her Certificate IV in Community Services through TAFE Gippsland.

We love it when GEGAC staff have the bravery and commitment to push open new doors for themselves through study and further education – Bec is the latest of many GEGAC staff over the past few years to take their lives and careers to the next level in this way.

But, as Bec admits, good things don’t come easy.

“It was hard,” she says. “At my age, going back to school… studying, studying, studying, on top of everything else happening in your life. It was hard work. But I’m very proud to have done it.”

Bec is a Family Service Support Worker with our Integrated Family Services Support Team.

It is work she says follows the natural passion of her life.

“You have to care for people,” she says. “You have to be able to see when people need a helping hand, and want to get them back on their feet. I’ve always been like that.”

That instinct originally led to Bec running her own cleaning and homecare business, providing a helping hand to those that needed a bit of support staying independent in their own homes.

Bec encountered some tough times in her own life last year, not the least of which was when someone stole her car, which also had about $5,000 of her cherished golf gear in the back seat.

It was around that time she saw GEGAC’s advertisement seeking family support workers.

She was unsure whether she’d be right for the job, but a good friend encouraged her.

“One of my really good friends is a case worker, so she knows this kind of work,” Bec remembers. “She told me to go for it.”

Go for it she did, and Bec now supports a number of local families coping with trauma and tragedy, lending her energy, expertise and empathy to connect them to supports and guide them back to a better place.

“I really love it,” she says.  “We are addressing a really important need. Some families are really struggling, whether because of trauma they’re going through, or managing disability, or other things. You want to help them. I love that in this job I get to help them.”

Bec also says one of the things she loves most about this job is the people she works with.

“I’ve made some great friends while working at GEGAG,” she says. “Everyone has been so supportive, so helpful. I’m very thankful for the encouragement that everyone on the team has given me.”

But, work like this can take its toll – “it does get stressful” Bec admits.

To manage that stress Bec turns to one of her other passions in life – golf.

“Yeah, I know there aren’t many Indigenous women that play golf,” Bec says with a smile. “It’s not really a big sport with the Kooris. But I had some good mates that played, and one day they just said ‘come and have a hit with us.’ That was all it took, I fell in love with it.”

“Golf is my therapy. It’s my place to go.”

Turns out she’s pretty good at it, too.

Later this year, Bec will represent mob at the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Golf Championship in Coolangatta.

As they say, fortune favours the brave, so Bec should have plenty of luck on her side.

2 thoughts on ““You Have to Care For People” – Bec Herbert Grows Her Career in Family Services”

  1. IAM Bec aunt and very proud of just how far she has come keep up the good work and look after all the people and your self you. Go
    girl love 😘 aunty di

  2. Well done Bec, you should feel very proud, no pressure but we know you will do well, have a great time and enjoy yourself as well, can’t wait to catch up and hear all about it. Cheers Shaz and Thorpie.🥰👍⛳️

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