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Big Mob Gather For Welcome Boorai to Country

Photo by Elly Clague/Quick Pics Bairnsdale

By Troy Brown

Well, that’s a wrap for Welcome Boorai to Country.

If you have not yet heard, GEGAC hosted a Welcome Boorai to Country event on the April 10 at the Riviera Christian Centre.

This event was such a success, with heaps of mob gathered to support the 84 Boorai who registered to take part.

The support community showed that day was excellent to witness. There was not one seat empty.

It started off with a Welcome to Country, followed by the Welcome Boorai to Country ceremony.

We had 5 of our Elders who represented GEGAC, being Aunty Helen Morgan, Uncle Andrew Morgan, Aunty Betty Solomon, Uncle Harry Stewart and Aunty Edna Ritchie.

As the children walked up on stage, they were given gifts by our Elders including a boomerang, clapsticks, possum skin, t-shirt and a certificate.

After the ceremony was held, community had some good food and got together and had yarns.

Yoowinna held and facilitated an arts and craft station after the ceremony.

It was such a great day that many will remember.

But all of this doesn’t happen by itself.

We thank our Koori Families as First Educators and Boorai staff for their incredible hard work.

We are so lucky to have staff like this that are willing to put in the hard yards to ensure that events such as these are perfect.

We would also like to thank the community for coming to support our Boorai.

Without the leadership and guidance of our adults, who knows what the future will look like for our children?

If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world for future generations to come, we can’t ignore the quality of the environment we leave them.

So, as we take a step forward in a society of togetherness, we are so thrilled to welcome the future of our legacy as Indigenous peoples.

Photos by Elly Clague/Quick Pics Bairnsdale and Troy Brown/GEGAC

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