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GEGAC Academy Traineeship – Providing Career Opportunities for Community

Past and present GEGAC Academy Trainees (clockwise from bottom left) – Destiny Harrison, Thalia Wilson, Sharona Pearce, Kanisha Hood, Troy Brown.

GEGAC was built by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people.

As an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, we should always have the ambition to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to find education and careers that inspire and sustain them.

It is important we find more ways to keep our talented, knowledgeable, hardworking Aboriginal people in roles that support their community, and that are valuable to them and their mob.

At GEGAC, it is happening.

In the last 18 months GEGAC has supported seven Aboriginal staff to complete formal qualifications, ranging from Cert III level through to Bachelor level qualifications.

At least eight more Aboriginal staff are right now in the process of completing study.

It’s a matter of pride to us, and in the past year or so we’ve written stories about many of these excellent people working hard to grow their careers, including Kanisha Hood, Sharona Pearce, Thalia Wilson, Rebecca Herbert, Linda Pearce, Samantha Johnstone, Leteisha Bryant and Kayla Harrison.

Our GEGAC Academy Traineeship program is one of the ways we work toward that goal of strengthening our Aboriginal workforce.

Trainees in the GEGAC Academy participate in a structured work and training program focusing on work skills, personal development, career planning and transition to study.

Academy trainees are also supported to engage in further training or study in line with their career choice.

We are currently accepting applications for a number of Academy Traineeship opportunities:

  • GEGAC Academy – Community Engagement Trainee (2 positions)
  • GEGAC Academy – Male Aboriginal Health Worker Trainee

If you’re interested in a GEGAC Academy Traineeship, or know someone who might be, follow this link for all the info you need: