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“Get Tested” – GEGAC’s Michelle Pearce Urges Mob to Protect Themselves Against Hep C

GEGAC’s Aboriginal Health Team Leader Michelle Pearce.

“If you have hepatitis C, treatment is simple,” says GEGAC’s Aboriginal Health Team Leader Michelle Pearce. “Getting treated for hepatitis C can protect your liver and avoid serious health problems for you as you get older. So we want as many mob as possible to get tested, so they can get that treatment if they need it.”

Hepatitis C is a major cause of serious illness and even death for Aboriginal people, but it can be cured with a treatment of just a few pills a day for a couple of months.

And so GEGAC’s new Aboriginal Health Team is encouraging all community members to get tested for hepatitis C with a simple blood test.

GEGAC is joining a national campaign to reduce hepatitis C in the Aboriginal community by encouraging more people to get tested.

On Wednesday, April 24, GEGAC is inviting all community to come down for a special “Live Free of Hep C” event where you can ask questions about hepatitis C, get tested, and learn about the many services that GEGAC and other Aboriginal health organisations across East Gippsland provide to help mob stay healthy.

The community gathering will be held at GEGAC on Dalmahoy Street from 10am – 2pm.

There’ll be lunch, plus gift bags and schwag like t-shirts, caps and basketballs.

The event is part of the national “Every Yarn Counts, Live Free of Hep C” campaign which is working with Aboriginal health organisations across Australia to increase the number of people in community getting tested and treated.

Some people may not feel comfortable talking about hepatitis C, and because of that they are missing out on treatment.

“We want to let our mob know that it is important to talk about hepatitis C, and that the new treatments are easier, have less side effects, and people can be treated again if they get reinfected,” Michelle said. “You can yarn about hepatitis C at your annual health check. And you can get rid of hepatitis C with just 1 or 3 pills a day for 8 -12 weeks.”

The “Every Yarn Counts, Live Free of Hep C” event will be held at GEGAC on Wednesday, April 24, from 10am – 2pm.

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