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“People Coming Together” – Clontarf Students Paint Reconciliation Week Mural

Clontarf students Zach Walker and Shae Baxter-Saunders with Clontarf Operations Officer James Hood and the Reconciliation Week mural.

By Troy Brown

Students in the Clontarf Academy at Bairnsdale Secondary College have been designing and painting a mural in recognition of Reconciliation Week, along with the help of great local artist James Hood.

James is the new Operations Officer at Clontarf.

The Clontarf students have been working hard this week to get this mural finished, and it will be displayed at the college in acknowledgement of Reconciliation Week.

The students and staff are passionate about what the week represents.

When asked, “what does reconciliation week mean to you?” James Hood replied “it means a lot of people coming together to grow as one, rather than to be divided.”

“That’s what this painting is all about – everybody’s hands circled around the painting and coming together as one.”

Like the secondary college, there are a number of organisations and schools doing assemblies and other events for Reconciliation Week, so make sure to search around for what’s happening in community.

Reconciliation Week is a week for all nations, no matter if you’re Aboriginal or not.

It’s a week for all to celebrate the beautiful and profound culture that we are surrounded by daily.

Paul Carroll (Turk) who is the Clontarf Academy Director in Bairnsdale says, “It’s about reconciling the past and coming together for the future.”

To me reconciliation is a more spiritual process.

It has to happen in the hearts of people.

And in the end reconciliation is better than victory.

To unite rather than divide.

Because what does forgiveness really mean without reconciliation?

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

We thank these kids for their amazing work on this mural.

We also can’t wait to see what more things are happening in community.